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Here you can email your questions to any or all of our team and ask them about their beliefs and how these affect the way they live.

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Buddhism – Jo Backus

Jo Backus

I am a British Buddhist belonging to the Gelug branch of Tibetan Buddhism. By profession I am a teacher who has taught RE in secondary schools, trained RE teachers, and lectured in the Study of Religions, Philosophy and Ethics. Currently I am the Education Officer for the Network of Buddhist Organisations(UK).


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Christianity – Julian Bond


Julian Bond works as grants team leader for the Methodist Church, he was previously director of the Christian Muslim Forum. He is a member of The Square Methodist Church, Dunstable and was previously Inter Faith Advisor for Bedfordshire, Essex and Herts Methodist District. Julian is a theology graduate from Aberystwyth University and is currently writing a short book on ‘Jesus our Role Model’. You can follow him on twitter at @julianbond12


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Hinduism – Sushma Sahajpal

Sushma Sahajpal - Workshop Profile

A British-born Indian raised with knowledge of both Hindu philosophy & the diverse folk traditions incorporated within the description. As founder of Connectar Creative Education, I design School RE Resources and Enrichment Events that open up East-West connections and interfaith understanding as well as facilitating inquiry-based dialogue and discourse. I’m passionate about Education in general and RE in particular as a vehicle for personal and collective flourishing. A Director of Save Childhood Movement, I also serve on NASACRE, two SACREs and have written for RE Today and RE:ONLINE.


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Humanism – Maxine Beech

Maxine Beech 1508-2

I am a teacher of RE and sociology at a secondary school and sixth form in Cheshire. I’ve always described myself as non-religious, but only really discovered humanism a few years ago and found it really resonated with me. I now also conduct humanist wedding ceremonies.


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Islam – Aliya Azam MBE

Aliya's photo[1]

Graduate from UCL, BSc (Hons) in Psychology, postgraduate from SOAS, MA in Islamic Societies and Cultures, PGCE in science from the Institute of Education. My current and past positions have been, Secondary Head of Science in Al Sadiq and Al Zahra High Schools for twenty years and part of the educational management committee at the Al Khoei Foundation. Responsibilities also include organising inter-faith projects, community cohesion,  co-president at the Christian Muslim Forum, Muslim representation on the Brent Inter-faith network and Brent SACRE.


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Judaism – Hannah Mandelbaum


Hannah has taken over from Zvi.  She is a Reform Jew who has always been involved in interfaith work and who likes to find shared ground between religions. She comes from the Ashkenazi tradition and her surname means ‘almond tree’. Hannah’s favourite Jewish saying comes from Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, “The world is a very narrow bridge and the important thing is not to be afraid.”


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Paganism – Mike Stygal

Mike Stygal

I’ve been knowingly following Pagan paths for about 27 years (since 1986), although my discovery of Paganism could be described as a realisation of a label for beliefs I had always held.  I am currently President of the Pagan Federation and the Pagan path I follow is a shamanic path.


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Sikhism – Ranvir Singh


I’m Head of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Haliford School; also the author of several books and articles on the Sikh religion.


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